More than a thought, deeper than a feeling, at the core of our heart… The sense that winter had left and spring has arrived. The Masters means spring, confident and certainty that it will come year after year. It connects us to an ongoing cycle and shows us the men who make it their own. As the tournament progresses and the pressure builds, there is always time to say it is your Augusta day. It is so alive in this time of the year, with the colors of the spring and the magic of the Masters. Augusta is the home of Champions.

 I can feel this place, absorb every color and shape. It is a balance between the mind and the moment, between the surroundings and the confidence in yourself… Here it’s not easy. The visionary spirit of Bobby Jones whispers in the leaves, there is a heart that beats with memories across the ground. Breathe, focus, this shot… this swing, this thought “I have the game, I want the Green Jacket.”

All these great champions who had the green jacket… have a story to tell. And it is another Sunday in Augusta, whose story is about to be told?

It is golf simple excellence that began in 1934. Every shot requires total, lazier eye consternation, no thought but a pure action. Whether it is walking down the 18th fairway, hitting your first shot or holing your eagle putt, you can indeed feel the Masters’ history. It is the green jacket and the completion for it has seen the greatest players in the game, fashion and magic. From remarkable feats and unbelievable shots to spectacular meltdowns and career defining putts, Augusta has provided many of the greatest moments in the history of golf.

Bobby Jones, you might call him a legend or the greatest golfer ever lived, either ways he was the man who made this possible. With the sharp look he had in his eyes, he held his golf club and hit a shot then said “This is Augusta National.” 

Most of us, are sitting in our homes and enjoy watching the Masters just like Rory MclRoy, Tiger Woods, Martin Kaymer, Charl Schwartzel etc… when they were youngsters. We (Youngsters) maybe watching the Masters today, but in the years the will come we will be wearing the Green Jacket. 

On every Sunday afternoon, if you are a fan excited to see the players or a player waking up on 10 under par, holding his nerves through the last putt, it is your time to shine in the Masters. When you are wearing the green jacket it is officially that Augusta is your home.

Someone needs to do something special to win what was turning into one of the wildest Masters Tournaments on record Sunday afternoon at Augusta National Golf Club. South Africa's Charl Schwartzel did. For those who say Charl got lucky, remember Gary Player’s old saying “The more I practiced, the luckier I get.”

Thank you Bobby for the great passion you had and congratulation Charl, you are the man to beat. 

I see earth, it is so beautiful - Yuri Gagarin 

50 years ago on 12th April 1961 was not like any other day, it was a day to be remembered when Yuri Gagarin became the first human to take a journey into outer space when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit around the Earth. It was just a 108 minutes that changed the world.

His news spread all over the globe and Russian citizen’s flood out to the streets. Hardly there was anyone on the planet who didn’t know the first man to fly to the stars the Great “Yuri Gagarin”

It was his smile that charmed the world and his great spirit that helped launch a new Era in history of mankind. Yuri Gagarin was the first to see what no other person has seen in the history of humanity… the earth from outer space.

Like any other child, when I was 8, I was curious about space, planets, moon and stars, that is the same year I read about Yuri Gagarin for the first time. The courage he had was one of a kind; he risked his life and took a Journey that literally shook the world.

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the First Man to leave the world behind. The man that showed us there is no limit to human abilities.  He taught the world a lesson “Believe in the impossible.”

Which brings me to this famous quote that says: “The sky is the limit.” Ok, hold on a second… Are you sure? The sky is the limit? Hmmm… I must disagree! To anyone who said & believed that the sky is the limit, they were wrong. Well, after 1961 they were wrong.                                                            
With each century, this quote is being changed from “The sky is the limit.” To “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon.” and maybe it will change to "The sky and the moon are no limit, because there is life on the plaeBut overall I want to fix this perspective and create a new quote that will sure fit every generation.

-- There is no limit.

A simple sentence that challenges the human mind and abilities to believe in the impossible…. Remember “There is no limit.”

The next time you look at the sky, stars, moon hold a minute of silence and let it sink in that humans have been there. Because after 50, 100 years people won’t remember our economy or political issues, they will remember the turning point in the history of humanity, they will remember Yuri Gagarin who made everything feel easy and possible to achieve.

There is no doubt that Yuri Gagarin is still a great source of inspiration of the astronauts of our time. This is an attribute to Yuri Gagarin that helped us understand life more than we ever dreamed. 


Wining doesn’t just happen on Sunday’s afternoon, or when you are feeling good. In this article I will explain how winning happens every day through focus, hard work, dedication and the drive to success. In order to win, there must be a few rules to do so.

Golf has always been the game that can teach you a lot about life. It teaches you honesty, integrity and patience. Golf is a tough game where you have to understand that every day is different and believe that the next shot is always better.

Do you want to win? Is it a goal of yours to win every tournament you enter? Well then you must understand that there are no shortcuts to success, if you have the dream and the passion to achieve it, then you will.

 “Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid of failures.” Golfers always seem to have some fear on the golf course. Maybe it is long putts that you always get short or maybe bushes that you always get in. But whatever your fear is, you need to be aggressive on the golf course and take some chances even if that meant making mistakes, because on the golf course you have to experience every feeling: fear, winning, losing, happy, sad and crazy. 

“Believe that in any day you got on the golf course, winning is just near the corner.” If you want to ask great players about their secrets of success, most of them will tend to say that it is passion what had driven them to success. They didn’t worry about money, they just wanted to be the best players and beat other players in their homeland. Great players enjoy hard work.  

There are all kinds of contradictions you might have on the golf course, but this is life. Life is full of contradictions, and you got to have the confidence and the passion. Some people get these negative thoughts, negative energy and they feel sorry for themselves on the golf course and that when you should know that the greatest thing that can happen in your life is experience difficulties.

 “Golf is the teacher of life” Morgan Pressel. Golf is very unique as a sport, having such diversity in the game itself and trying to achieve perfection. It’s about to get down on yourself and overcome those fears to bounce back and make a difference in your game and life.

One thing you shouldn’t be afraid of is have the chance to win a tournament. If you spent countless hours on the driving range, it will pay off at last. You need to set your mind on winning and say “Hey! I can win this tournament!” I think you have to imagine yourself on the finish line holding the cup.

And for kids out there you need to find your passion and dream and visualize yourself achieving them because that is definitely a part of the process to making it reality. What I think is that kids already have the gift of visualization. I often see kids on the putting green commentating Tiger Woods and so they already are putting themselves in that situation. It is amazing how kids have this gift without even knowing, you got to make sure that you hold on to it.

Someday you will remember champions and worldwide players walking on the 18th and turning to our parents, grandparents and saying “I want to be there, I want to win this tournament.”  

I was recently asked “What makes the UAE a heaven for golfers?” This article will answer.

Just 20 years ago, the UAE would not have been considered a major golfing destination, but it is now an emerging global force. 

For many of us, 1983 seems like yesterday and it’s truly incredible to think that over nearly 20 years later the region boasts some of the best golf courses in the world. 

UAE will make a great destination for outstanding vacations, for many reasons. Its climate is moderate and flexible for you to go out anytime and play a round on the stunning golf courses. Besides its brilliant weather, at summer your round might get dried up so some of the courses in UAE provide the chance to play in the night and enjoy the company with your friends. Like the floodlit Faldo which is the oldest golf course in the UAE. Playing golf at night gives you different experience than playing in the daytime. Many people, those who come here, choose nighttime to play golf.

For over 5 world-class golf courses, UAE has been known as one of the world greatest golf destinations and has attracted a lot of well-known players such as Greg Norman, Bradley Dredge, and Mark O’Meara, not only to enjoy and play in such wonderful atmosphere but to design new golf courses.

4 annuals World Wide Golf Championships are being held in UAE: Dubai World Championship, held at Jumeriah Golf Estate, Abu Dhabi Golf Championship held at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Omega Dubai Ladies Masters and Dubai Desert Classic held in Dubai at Emirates Golf Club, Majlis course and. These events have always attracted some of the strongest fields in world golf. There is no question that by attracting the planet’s best players, UAE became truly global. 

UAE’s golf courses are perfectly designed; it literally looks like a painting adding up to the super service makes a great combination to make a marvelous golf course.

Recently, Yas Links is the first true links golf course in the Middle East, The course is designed by Kyle Phillips, one of the world’s leading golf course designers. Yas Links is located in Yas Island and has been given the award of Best Golf Course in the Middle East.

As you can see, UAE is now a place to look for in your next Golf vacation. UAE’s golf courses are one of the most eye catching designs, and also are classy places. UAE provides you with all types of courses i.e. desert, parkland, resort, links and health-land golf courses.

Dubai came as a pleasant surprise in the world of golf; few other golf destinations can match its high facilities, high standards of golf designs and club house facilities. Step by and try one of these brilliant golf courses… it is truly worth it.