More than a thought, deeper than a feeling, at the core of our heart… The sense that winter had left and spring has arrived. The Masters means spring, confident and certainty that it will come year after year. It connects us to an ongoing cycle and shows us the men who make it their own. As the tournament progresses and the pressure builds, there is always time to say it is your Augusta day. It is so alive in this time of the year, with the colors of the spring and the magic of the Masters. Augusta is the home of Champions.

 I can feel this place, absorb every color and shape. It is a balance between the mind and the moment, between the surroundings and the confidence in yourself… Here it’s not easy. The visionary spirit of Bobby Jones whispers in the leaves, there is a heart that beats with memories across the ground. Breathe, focus, this shot… this swing, this thought “I have the game, I want the Green Jacket.”

All these great champions who had the green jacket… have a story to tell. And it is another Sunday in Augusta, whose story is about to be told?

It is golf simple excellence that began in 1934. Every shot requires total, lazier eye consternation, no thought but a pure action. Whether it is walking down the 18th fairway, hitting your first shot or holing your eagle putt, you can indeed feel the Masters’ history. It is the green jacket and the completion for it has seen the greatest players in the game, fashion and magic. From remarkable feats and unbelievable shots to spectacular meltdowns and career defining putts, Augusta has provided many of the greatest moments in the history of golf.

Bobby Jones, you might call him a legend or the greatest golfer ever lived, either ways he was the man who made this possible. With the sharp look he had in his eyes, he held his golf club and hit a shot then said “This is Augusta National.” 

Most of us, are sitting in our homes and enjoy watching the Masters just like Rory MclRoy, Tiger Woods, Martin Kaymer, Charl Schwartzel etc… when they were youngsters. We (Youngsters) maybe watching the Masters today, but in the years the will come we will be wearing the Green Jacket. 

On every Sunday afternoon, if you are a fan excited to see the players or a player waking up on 10 under par, holding his nerves through the last putt, it is your time to shine in the Masters. When you are wearing the green jacket it is officially that Augusta is your home.

Someone needs to do something special to win what was turning into one of the wildest Masters Tournaments on record Sunday afternoon at Augusta National Golf Club. South Africa's Charl Schwartzel did. For those who say Charl got lucky, remember Gary Player’s old saying “The more I practiced, the luckier I get.”

Thank you Bobby for the great passion you had and congratulation Charl, you are the man to beat. 

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