Wining doesn’t just happen on Sunday’s afternoon, or when you are feeling good. In this article I will explain how winning happens every day through focus, hard work, dedication and the drive to success. In order to win, there must be a few rules to do so.

Golf has always been the game that can teach you a lot about life. It teaches you honesty, integrity and patience. Golf is a tough game where you have to understand that every day is different and believe that the next shot is always better.

Do you want to win? Is it a goal of yours to win every tournament you enter? Well then you must understand that there are no shortcuts to success, if you have the dream and the passion to achieve it, then you will.

 “Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid of failures.” Golfers always seem to have some fear on the golf course. Maybe it is long putts that you always get short or maybe bushes that you always get in. But whatever your fear is, you need to be aggressive on the golf course and take some chances even if that meant making mistakes, because on the golf course you have to experience every feeling: fear, winning, losing, happy, sad and crazy. 

“Believe that in any day you got on the golf course, winning is just near the corner.” If you want to ask great players about their secrets of success, most of them will tend to say that it is passion what had driven them to success. They didn’t worry about money, they just wanted to be the best players and beat other players in their homeland. Great players enjoy hard work.  

There are all kinds of contradictions you might have on the golf course, but this is life. Life is full of contradictions, and you got to have the confidence and the passion. Some people get these negative thoughts, negative energy and they feel sorry for themselves on the golf course and that when you should know that the greatest thing that can happen in your life is experience difficulties.

 “Golf is the teacher of life” Morgan Pressel. Golf is very unique as a sport, having such diversity in the game itself and trying to achieve perfection. It’s about to get down on yourself and overcome those fears to bounce back and make a difference in your game and life.

One thing you shouldn’t be afraid of is have the chance to win a tournament. If you spent countless hours on the driving range, it will pay off at last. You need to set your mind on winning and say “Hey! I can win this tournament!” I think you have to imagine yourself on the finish line holding the cup.

And for kids out there you need to find your passion and dream and visualize yourself achieving them because that is definitely a part of the process to making it reality. What I think is that kids already have the gift of visualization. I often see kids on the putting green commentating Tiger Woods and so they already are putting themselves in that situation. It is amazing how kids have this gift without even knowing, you got to make sure that you hold on to it.

Someday you will remember champions and worldwide players walking on the 18th and turning to our parents, grandparents and saying “I want to be there, I want to win this tournament.”  

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