The Library
By Line Dalile.  

Voices, she heard. Heart beats, sounds and water drops. The clock is ticking and so her heart. It has just turned 12:00 A.M.

Chatters and laughs, that's what she hears when arriving to the public library, also known as the oldest library in her hometown. England, United Kingdom, far away near the mountains, the library is known as the mysterious library has attracted more than 80 people each day including Aylin, the thin girl whose face is white as snow and her long, straight black hair with few blond curls on the sides flying left and right, Aylin was that curious kid, who loved mysteries.

The library stood on a hill, quite an (Awkward) place to build a library, underneath it was all grass and rocks. Sometimes rocks would fall over the library's roof and sit there for hours. Glass windows and wooden doors, old design. All the other buildings were modernly built and red mud brick was placed on the roof. Its architectures were long time dead, their bones even tuned to powder and were placed in good looking glassy vases with, of course, some notes written on it, maybe small poems too. These vases where placed in the entrance were all people can see and remember that it was built by some top class people, and owned by them, Royal People – Royal People.

Education, health and happiness they had, the Royal people. They had the money to build libraries, famous ones, and they ruled the country.  

The librarian, there  was only one librarian, an old lady wears these bizzare glasses and she had a bizarre look. She sits on her desk all day long, nobody knows where she goes after she finishes her work. Emily Brenett was an odd librarian.

In the night, where the area in the mountain is out of sound not a single tick, it becomes very scary in the darkness of the sky and the quietness of the mountain. You can only hear the rumbling of the trees and the little insects' steps. When the wind is blowing, it becomes very dangerous to go out there.

Surrounding the library, is this wonderful nature… the mother nature. Mountains on the left and a wide deep valley on the right. The mountains were huge and brown with a bit of snow at the top… clouds seemed never to abandon that place, rain was almost every day. The valley on the right of the library was deep with yellow grass and some was green.

Aylin's home was an hour away from the library, although it would take her a long time to arrive, she insists on going nearly every day. Her house was small, made of wood but no glassy windows except a really small one, but again there was no red mud brick on the top.. Aylin loved reading, but every time she arrives to the library and sits with peace and quiet on the chair to read one of her favorite books, she hears chatters, laughter's, heart beats…. Strange voices…  

Little Aylin's typical day was spent countless hours in the library reading her favorite adventure stories and some of the best Shakespeare's poems.

January 1st 1997, three days away from the 80th annual celebration of the library. Aylin took her red coat, made out of wool, and walked the pace to the library. The smile on her face never seemed to be erased.

As she arrived to the library and saw the librarian and greeted her, Emily Brenett, the librarian, kept looking at her and at the same time sewing a sweater, she said nothing and carried on.

Aylin, went to the corner to pick some old books… a little bit of dust flew around her. She held five- no four books and went to the corner to sit on a chair calmly and read until she finishes.

After fifteen minutes, chatters and whispers grew louder. Aylin, was at the left hand corner. A book was accidently dropped. She looked around nervously to see who was there. No one appeared, only herself and Emily Brenett. It was a scary situation- I would say. Probably she was imagining things as usual. The book shelves were also old, they haven't been replaced nor maintained.

The same whispers filled the place, low, soft and scary sounds whispering non-sense. Aylin wasn't relieved, she wanted to see what was going on and where these sounds are coming from.

She tried to look around a little bit and see if she can find something which has to do with the voices. But it was the time for her to go home. On her way home she kept thinking about these voices. Soft, creepy voices and some scary whispers.

The next morning, the sun was rising changing the sky's colors sometimes yellow and white and the other time blue. It was a wonderful sight. It's starting to get cold- really cold. The wind started blowing, I could see that because the tress are shaking. Together it looks like a musical concert.

Aylin woke up early, the sun streaming through her small window. Aylin, as far as she can tell, was not fully awake. Rather staying in the bed for one more hour, Aylin decided to go to the library earlier than yesterday. As usual, she took her coat and started walking to the library. 

Meanwhile, the library still looks old and royal at the same time, but one thing has changed. A bill? A bill on the front wooden door? Yes, a yellow golden-like bill was placed the top of the old, wooden door with a little bit of cracks on the side, but it looked fancy.  Aylin wondered why they placed the bill, is it odd. Aylin took a walk around the library quietly and looked at its windows to see that it was newly polished, these old glassy windows are now changed. Something was going on, something strange- strange.

The clouds covered the sky and drizzles of rain began to fall down as the crows are flying awry in the sky, Aylin looked up and gazed. She hurried to the library and closed the doors, not so many people were there, I would day 7- no 8 yes 8 people.

Emily Brenett wasn't there, only her uncompleted sewed sweater and her glasses. Aylin looked at the shelves and pick a book that had attracted her, the label said "The Library"

Aylin took the book and she wiped the dust off it a little bit, again the dust flew around her, she coughed. She took a seat near the window this time rather on the corner.

She opened the book and there was a key, an old bronze key. At first she didn't care, but as she arrived to page 34 she knew that it had something to do with the key. Page 34 was missing.  

Aylin took a glance around her. Only 6 people left, 2 were gone, vanished! The library started to feel like a mysterious place. It felt like a treasure island with no treasure on it. She read out loud on page 35 there was a poem, a short poem written by hand.

It said

''When there is dark thunder storm

Not even heavens light can form

Many souls are traveling around

You can only hear the sound

The key will lead to a door

When you open it there is no floor

Rather than sitting and enjoying the book

One needs to hurry, beware don't look''

Aylin looked around in a curious way and held the old key in her small hands. What was not normal is that all the other people were gone! Again, Aylin walked with confident steps with the key and the books were held tightly in her hands, papers were falling down.

Inside the library she wandered around, she glanced at the book and opened it again. Some of the dust flew and made her cough one more time. Page 35, the page containing the poem was gone.

Now, she was sure that this is not a coincidence but a real mystery that needed to be solved. She was looking for a door that might be what the key needed. Helpless, she was looking around and around again and again for hours. 

Isn't time for her mum to come and pick her up? Isn't the time that she needed to have lunch? She thought.

Finally she went to Emily Brenett. The only thing she found on her squeaking wooden chair was the wool and a shirt that she made out of it. (unusual) situation she was in I would say, don't you agree?

Alyin was confused, she isn't Alice in wonderland nor it wasn't the ten little Indians story, what was it? The mysterious library?

-A book with the title of library

-A missing page

-A poem

-Fallen papers?

-Vanished people

She heard a sound? A squeaking sound like the sound when a door opens. Suddenly it was cold. The sound of the blowing wind came to her ear. Quickly she recalled the poem:

''When there is dark thunder storm

Not even heavens light can form

Many souls are traveling around

You can only hear the sound

The key will lead to a door

When you open it there is no floor

Rather than sitting and enjoying the book

One needs to hurry beware don't look''

"On my way I saw a thunder storm" she rumbled. "There was no light" she expressed. "As I walked into the library there was ten people and now there is none" she stopped. "just now I heard that voice!" she screamed!

What more? She thought. The door, she will find a door, but where? She had a brainstorm.  

The library's books seems to fall, Aylin ran and saw a lock behind a book. She took the key from her pocket and rubbed it in her hand then she opened the door. Everything fell from her hands… Don't look! Isn't that what the poem said? "One needs to hurry not to look" behind the door as she entered was a black room, nothing but a black hole. Aylin couldn't believe what she saw, she punched herself twice to see if she was dreaming, apparently she was not. 

Should she cross and enter the black room? She did, and then there was nothing.

Apparently, the library and its mysteries are no longer here. The old library in its 80th annual anniversary wasn't there, again it was gone to nowhere.

Everything seemed to come to an unclear end, Aylin, herself was gone too. The library is history now, it wasn't a dream, not indeed. Now the thunderstorm is not here anymore, Everyone can hear the birds and smell the flowers. The sun rose up and Aylin was in her bed sleeping. J    

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