On March 11th 2011 is literally a day to be remembered for the People of Japan and also the world itself.

Friday afternoon supposed to be like any other day. It was relaxing for some people and stressful for others. Teachers were teaching and doctors were giving medicines… Seems like a regular day, right?

Actually it was, until a disaster hit the pacific coast of Japan, specifically Sendai a beautiful city located in the pacific coast of Japan. 2:46 PM everything has changed from normal to the unreal. 

A huge earthquake measuring 8.9 on Richter scale has hit the pacific coast of Japan triggering a huge tsunami that's sweeping away everything in its path. People were terrified, their looks spoke for themselves. It was like they have seen the death in their eyes. Hiding under tables and running out of buildings, Japanese people thought this was the end. Running for their lives while a huge monster is eating everything in its way including newly built house, cars ready for shipping and most importantly people and their souls.

Imagine you’re self in these people’s shoes, what will you do? 

You would be a mother worrying about her children as they were in schools. You would be a father concerned about his family. A child who hasn’t yet discovered life, or grandparents, who now you can see the death in their eyes.

It was pretty devastating for most of us seeing how these people are fighting to live as we all sit in peace watching T.V and waiting for the news.

Now I’m not going to talk in numbers, because that won’t benefit me. A natural disaster isn’t just determined by the number of death or injuries but what’s really worth counting is the number of countries who hurried to support Japan in her worst crisis. It shows that in the time of crisis all countries and nations step under one roof on the same side.

Nuclear stations in Japan is not what we care about now, we care about the losses and injuries we are losing, maybe great minds and wonderful souls. In my opinion, this natural disaster was an alert itself not only for the people of Japan but for all of us. The lesson from it is to start caring more about our real home… the earth. Lately, the signals have been quite difficult to ignore. If we are using technology against nature, it isn’t really worth it. If we want to see the next generation living in peace, we must fix our perspective on nature and its resources.

 Another lesson we can take from this mega earthquake is not to stand side by side by the time of crisis only, but also at any other time.

What we have witnessed is a truly shocking tragedy in Japan this month and it only shows that we aren’t the rulers of the world and nothing is worth fighting for… not even gold or money. We should learn to live life in a peaceful manner, learn from it, experience new things and give back.

Now I’m not trying to be negative on this situation, but I can see that this is just a small alert of what is going to happen in the next few months.

At last I want to say that all my prayers and thoughts are with all Japanese people and all the affected families.   

3/30/2011 06:59:09 pm

Everybody is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.


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