Tiny fragments of who we are scatter on the internet. In every corner we bump into our identity. Every picture we post on Instgram, every tweet, every status update seems so perfect... Until we know it is our last

Things like this often go unnoticed. They often pass by Favorited, Liked or Retweeted. We shape a smile when we read them knowing that there will be more to come. In the least expected moment, the status stop updating and the account closes. 

What happened in Colorado will forever be itched in my mind. I live in an entirely different part of the world, nonetheless, when tragedy strikes... The world seems such a small place. We may never understand why a senseless, inhuman act occurred in the first place, but the scars it left won't be healed.  This act truly left us like a wrinkled paper. As I scrolled down the tweets and read the articles, I immediately felt a sense of sadness, loss, and a possible emptiness. Normally, I do get affected by such news, but the feeling passes over pretty fast. However, what made me relate to this incidence was, literally, the tweets that were left behind.  The last tweets by the victims Jessica Redfield and Alex Sullivan RIP, somehow made me ponder about how often we take things for granted. How ignorant we may be sometimes thinking that there's tomorrow where, in fact, living the next minute is uncertain.  This whole story made me reflect on how uncertain and unknown road we walk in. 

There are many who are destroyed by not knowing what the future holds. In a different vein, I think this uncertainty is rather beautiful as it makes every minute valuable, it makes every minute counts. For most of us, the beauty of uncertainty is what motivates us to seek certainty. The ambiguity encourages us to seek, to create, and to search for answers.  Deep down, it's instinct. It is instinct that compel us to replace the confusion with clarity. It is instinct that forces everything to make sense, but sometimes, the yet to come is vague, unknown, uncertain. In a world that is best described as a mass of confusion, uncertainty might be our biggest bless.  I love the human's naivety. It is one of few pieces that make up the puzzle of uncertainty. Life without uncertainty ends all of our imagination. And that's why we travel, we travel to experience new challenges that will untimely be defined by our "performance" in life. 

Embrace uncertainty. Take a risk even if the outcome is uncertain to prove to yourself that life is full of endless possibilities.  So come on, drop the "ifs" questions and look in the mirror "If today is your last day" What do you want to do? 

No one will get out of life alive, what's there to lose? 

And as these two tweets left me thinking of uncertainty, I've also come to believe that what we post on social media websites partially defines the legacy we leave behind. So Tweet, but make sure you put your best effort into it, who knows... It could be your last.  

When you stare death in the face, what would be the last message you would like to share with the world? 

How can life be so cruel to people who are so great? 

RIP Dark Night Shooting's Victims. What’s most important for all of us is that those memories you left will never expire. The thoughts and pictures are comfortable reminders of the great times  you spent on earth.  

“The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.”  - Lord Byron. 
With my deep condolence, I say "Remember the victims, embrace tragedy" 
And smile in the face of tragedy eventually life will get bored of upsetting you.  
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