Today in the early morning, I woke up like any other day going straight to my window hopping to stare at the sparkling blue sea that is located in front of my house. 

I always feel very blessed that I have such wonderful nature in front of me. The sea is pretty much the place where I get inspired to write poetry, articles and think about the philosophy of life. 

In the afternoon, I walked down to the shore to enjoy a nice relaxing walk on the soft, golden sand. The waves were high but as they came closer they started crashing on the big rocks. I saw young kids playing with sand, building sand castles, collecting shells, playing with water and running after each other. I also collected shells with my sister, I saw big ones and small ones, colorful and white. It felt like a nice picture to take. 

When I look at the sea, I mostly see wisdom and life. The waves keep rolling everyday and ships keep floating until they reach their destiny. Before the sunset, I stood up and took a glance at the sea. This glance wasn’t just like any other; it was a glance that not only reflected the beauty of the sea but also its long endless life.

This glance passed fast like a beam of light, but what I saw wasn't just sparkling blue, crystal water, it was a sound as if the sea was talking to me. The sea does talk, but can we “humans” hear? Or at least pay attention? 

Ships travel through the sea from country to country flooding with foods, clothes and human needs. People take vacation on yachts to travel around the world to see new places and discover different cultures. We find treasures in the sea including seafood (Which is really yummy!) but what do we give back? Papers and plastic bags and maybe some oil spills? 

The sea isn’t just water and sand, it’s a story of a life time, since the beginning of our great earth till now. When we look at the sea, we look at the history of the earth. Water doesn’t go anywhere except from sea to air to land and then again to the sea. 

The sea has given us a lot of treasures, without them we couldn't have survived, especially water and food. We should be more careful and fix our perspective about the sea. Saving sea life should be on our (to do list) and what we can start with is basically not to throw plastic bags, papers etc… 

I want all of you to know, that no matter how the sea is big, if each one of us doesn't throw anything or harm the sea life we can keep it clean forever. We can give back and make a difference. 

The sea talks, but we still can’t hear except the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  

We are very blessed to have wonderful nature in this world, if we only sit for a minute in silence we can find the answers for our questions. Looking at the sea can heal your soul and fill you with hope to live for another day. 

Before the sunset, I stood in silence and took one more glance to say goodbye, maybe wake up next day to see the world as a better place. 
 I leave the gleaming sea and the golden sand behind me and walk towards my home, taking a lesson that should be taught to every soul. 

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