Hi! It's been a long time I haven't really written anything on my blog... So here I am!
A week ago I watched the Omega Dubai Desert Classic,  it's a really popular golf tournament here in Dubai. It has been a fantastic experience for me to see all these great players playing in one field, especially Tiger Woods the former world number one and Rory McILROY one of the youngest golfers on tour.  

I have written an article about the Omega Dubai Desert Classic  and I'm looking forward to mailing it t one of the Golf Magazines, later I will be posting it on my blog!    
1/22/2014 03:35:58 pm

The Dubai Desert Safari is the number one trip for visitors to Dubai! It is famous for its Dune Bashing, which is the highlight of superb Dubai Desert Safari.

1/22/2014 03:37:51 pm

one of the best place where you can Desert Safari Dubai..


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