Have you ever thought about this quote “If you believe, you can achieve?” If it’s really true, then why there are so many people not living the life they really wanted?

If we went back in time, you can see that it all starts with your childhood, and over time it continues to grow with the culture around us. From a young age we aren’t able to establish a sense of self. We were always taught or told to do things. That is what our subconscious mind is programmed to. We are raised with certain values and beliefs.

But again, our subconscious mind took these beliefs to make it habitual for us since an early age. The real question is “How can you be free and change these beliefs that conquered your brain?” In my opinion, you should start with discovering who you are and what you truly believe in, not what you have been taught to believe in.

Remember that you have the ability to change yourself if you want to. You see, the mind power it limitless, but unfortunately most of us are trapped in a tiny box that we are trying to get out of. The people around us and our communities taught us what to think about instead how to think. We learned that there are “Gifted children” and “Normal children.” But in the matter of fact, there shouldn’t be a difference between children, we should all expect the best from ourselves and work hard to become who we want to be.

Back to the main subject, if you believe you can achieve.

Maybe you believed that you are creative and unique, but in some point of your life you stopped thinking “Na… I will go to old routine…” and be old routine I mean:

When you were a child you wanted to be a philosopher, maybe a painter. You had big dreams and you sure wanted to make a difference in the world, then again you stopped thinking “A painter? I love painting it’s in my blood but I think I won’t be able to make a living… besides why should I make a difference, there is a lot of people who can, but not me…” and so day by day passed and you have abandoned your dream, taking the traditional way and becoming a doctor, a lawyer or anything you think will make money. You have retired now; you’re 70 years old and no longer enjoying life. With regrets and painful memories you came back thinking “I made the wrong decision…”  

Yes, that is the circle of life for many people I know, and many others out there. They have wasted their lives on things they don’t love and also wasted their talents.

Oprah Winfrey loves to talk, Tiger Woods loves to play Golf, and Jack Canfield loves to write etc… have you ever thought about it? All these famous, rich people who literally shaped the world as it is now love what they are doing and most importantly believe they can.

If you believe you can be a great musician, then go for it and take whatever risk and obstacles you might face, don’t let worries and negative thoughts bring you down. If you want to be a millionaire despite what people tell you like “You wish!” “Keep dreaming!” Always remember that “If you believe, you can achieve.”

Later on, I will be posting other articles about “Ways to success” and also “Minds power”. Stay tuned!

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