The best feeling in the world is to cross everything on your To-Do-List and feel “Productive” before having a good night sleep.

Productivity has different interpretations. A student would consider him/her self productive if they revised the lessons they learned at school, did their homework and prepare for their upcoming tests. A Golfer would consider him/her self productive if they practice every day and work on every aspect of their game. Whatever is your interpretation of productivity it has to include one important thing: Being effective in the use of all the resources surrounding you.

I define productivity by a simple equation: Productivity = Value / Time.

I don’t want to make productivity sound very mathematical, so here is my prefect productive day.

Waking up early (and by early I mean 7:00 A.M) that’s my own version of early. I would begin my day by checking my email/ Facebook/ Twitter and latest news; this will usually take fifteen minutes.

Then come the SAT Literature Practice Tests (Online/books) this is probably my favorite part of the day! Surprisingly I enjoy analyzing different paragraphs, and of course, poems. Though poems dating back to 1800s aren’t my favorites, I still enjoy spending a good amount of time building my English language skills to help me become a better writer.

Still I’m not done with English section for the day, because I will also be spending an hour (Sometimes I get carried away and spend an hour and a half) on strengthening my vocabularies and studying about word roots (Which is pretty interesting!) The English section would probably take three hours. To rest my mind/my eyes, I would read a book for another hour.

Organic Chemistry, calculus, AP US History, Languages (German + Chinese), Roman architecture (Yale Free Courseware Lectures) I spend a good amount of time on each subject.

The rest of the day would be writing, writing and writing (Drawing too) and sometimes when I’m watching TV I would memorize some Pi numbers (during commercials) to keep my memory active.

And as you are reading this you would probably say “Poor her…” But honestly, I enjoy every minute of the day. The feeling that I use every single minute of the day to be “Productive” means the world to me. I never do anything because “I have to” Yes, my days are similar to that. That would include weekends, unless I go golfing for 4 hours :) 

 As you can see, I spent a good amount of time in everything I do. For one thing, I like to make it nearly perfect/ or study everything as a whole.

As I head off to bed, I feel very satisfied when I cross everything off my To-Do-List, and feel very accomplished.

Hold on…

I still feel I need to do more. For example, I end up sometimes marking emails as important and then I forget to read them. (Which explains at least 20 emails waiting to be read) and I still have two books waiting to be revised (Typing Fingers & My novel). You can tell I hate revising and BTW, I’m not a big fan of re-reading books too. 

What is not mentioned on the list is the minutes I spend reading tons of articles on the Huffington Post, how many times I re-write a sentence to make my blog post perfectly written (Like choosing the right synonyms etc..) However, I enjoy a minimum of 12 hours (Typically 14 hours) learning new things each day.

My definition of productivity is making use of every second, and every minute to expand my knowledge. I imagine what I do every day is sort of like a car assembly line, putting all the pieces together to end up with a nice car at the end of the day.

That’s my version of being productive. What is yours? And what’s your definition of productivity?

TIP: Here is how you can track your productivity this year:

I have a tiny bucket and every day that I feel “Accomplished/Productive” I would put a dirham (Whatever your currency is!) and at the end of the year the bucket should include 365 DHS (366 this year) you can then treat yourself or donate them to charity like I will!

Stay productive, stay productive… 

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