When you understand the language of the flowers and the music of the birds, you can see the rainbow, you know the sky is blue over that are the dreams you dare to dream, really come true.

The kingdom of dreams is in your imagination. A dreamer sees the dawn before the rest of the world. A dreamer walks under the moonlight and looks at the sky, every star is a dream…

A dreamer sees everything possible to achieve. A dreamer draws his imagination and slowly turns it into reality. Every great dream beings with a dreamer, those who dream live the impossibilities, they are out of touch with reality, and if they jump they will probably think they can fly… 

I wish all of us were dreamers then we can live in peace but in the real world we are often being pushed by our problems to move on with our lives, but never lead by our dreams.  We don’t set high expectations and goals for ourselves because we did once and it didn’t work. We gave up once and twice… we left our problems hanging on the shoulders of the next generation.

Most of us stopped dreaming about a bright future. Dreaming is becoming a silly thing to do, why? because it is taking a lot of time to turn into reality. On the other hand, if you think about it realizing one of your dreams come true, comes to life is often- without exaggerating- like traveling in a time machine. This particular moment when your dream comes to life is a state between the past and the present, a state between the times when you set a goal and determined on making it come true.   

But in the matter of age, we often tend not to encourage kids ages 10,13,16 etc… to dream big. Especially when our closest, best friend replies to us by “You wish!” “Ya, right! As if!”  Maybe that’s why kids and teenagers today are leaning towards hanging out in the malls, watching T.V, playing video games but not actually “Use” and “Explore” their potentials.

We need to fathom the truth behind realizing our dreams, the truth that literally says “There are no shortcuts to success.” But however, success doesn’t happen in one night or another; it is going to take time, determination and dedication.  Most of the people want to have immediate results after the action, but it is not that easy. To climb a steep hill requires slow pace at first.

What is a dream?

There are two kinds of dreams, one happens during the night when you fall asleep and the other is during the day.  

In the matter of the universe, dreams are the eyes of our soul and the wish that our hearts make when we fall asleep. It is a way of communication between our subconscious and our conscious minds. Power of dreaming, how blessed we are whenever we close our eyes we can see? Dreams are messages to us and we should pay attention.

 Also dreaming doesn’t only happen when you fall asleep; in fact T.E Lawrence once said,

“All people dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind wake in the day to find that it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.”

Never stop dreaming even after you wake up. While we are busy moaning and grumbling, some people already made the far future possible to reach. With their eyes open all day long and their wide imagination, they made our |Dream| future real.

Dreams depend on how big your imagination is “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Einstein once said “Knowledge is limited, imagination circles the universe.”

What is imagination?

Imagination is the infinite possibilities in reality. It is a mental creation that resides in all of us. Imagination is a gift and an ability that can take us everywhere, it is limitless… just like the journey to space starts with a dream; it starts in your imagination. We imagine things; you imagine being on the moon and jumping from here to there, you might imagine your future wedding and sailing the world. You can imagine everything… even a world full of giants and cars flying, maybe flying pigs too… We live in a world, but in our imagination we can go everywhere.

In our world it is thought that intelligence depends if you are a Math whiz kid, science, technology etc… but in reality intelligence depends on the wildness of your imagination because the early human beings didn’t have textbooks, guidebooks instead, they had their imagination. They imagined building houses and they did, they imagined making clothes and they did. You see, our life is a wonderland and our imagination is its building blocks.

I deeply feel sad for those who their imagination didn’t exist yet “As they think” and also to whoever tries to build borders and limit it. Imagination is creation, a true sign of intelligence, imagination is the only think that keep life going and keep us asking questions.

Where does it go as we grow up?

It is a fixed law of nature {until now} it says “As we grow up, we become a problem to the world” 100% true. Stop for another minute and think….

When you were a kid didn’t you use to ask a lot of questions? Ex. Why fishes swim in the sea? What does the sun rise? Why is the sky blue? Well, happy news for you; these questions are what has drove science and technology forward and opened our eyes to ask questions to the ultimate world. 

Childish questions, I’m sure your teacher called them “Silly questions” why? Because back then she didn’t know the answer! Yes, we pretend like we know it all… I know.

Children minds are full of wild imagination, infinite dreams and high hopes. Kids dare to dream and believe in the impossible. Picasso proved this by saying “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” We should try to turn today’s generation into better adults and the next generation into a better one and so on.

Dreaming big…. Yes dreaming big is what helped the world evolve in many ways. If it was not for big thinkers and open minded legends, we would have been sitting in the dark ages. With every generation comes a new responsibility. Those legends helped shape our world in many ways; for example: Bill Gates and the invention of Microsoft has opened millions if not trillions new doors in front of us. But you also might wonder: “Why bother?” well, because they came to earth with a purpose and each one of us has a purpose, you need to search for it. I do believe that we are all equal; we have the same abilities and the same talents, but not all of us “Believe” in ourselves and our huge potentials.

 I’m trying to prove that there is no “Prodigy”, “Wonder” kids. We should all expect the best from ourselves and work hard to deliver our message.

Eventually everything leads to success. Success is a journey not a destination. My journey in these 13 years I’ve lived on earth has been long, full of energy, ups and downs but also determination. I don’t claim to “Have it all” or that I have my “Own” “Success” story, because I believe that there is no limit. No matter how many “Great” things you can do, there is always better. In my own perspective, success happens when you are fulfilled and to have a “Successful” life you can’t be fulfilled because you can always do more. 

Kids my age (Younger and sometimes older) dream about perfection and doing everything in their lives and that’s a good thing. Dreaming…. Is the first key for achieving, remember: “In order to make something true, you have to dream about it first.”

Visualization is what also helped me achieve my goals till date, and what kept me strong during “Negative” comments (Which I truly appreciate and helped me get better as I progress older, so thanks to the people who gave negative comments.)

Because I play golf, I’m very strong at the mental side. Every time I want to hit a shot I try to visualize it. Left to right, straight, right in the hole. Visualizing your dream, just like visualizing a golf shot will help you get it to action. 

Your dreams aren’t crazy, they were your passion. For example, when I was 12 my “Wildest” “Crazy” dream was to speak at the TED or TEDx conference. Although I haven’t been to any conference ever in my life, I wanted to speak at TED. A year later “This year” I spoke at TEDxAjman, and I was very excited not because I got to speak there but because I knew that no matter how “Wild” your dreams are, the world need them. Unfortunately, the society and the environment around us interfere in a bad way. If every person follows his/ her passion, the world will literally be filled with exotic ideas. (In a good way).

Then again, if every idea came to life immediately, this world will be a horrible place to live in.

Like when I was 8, I still have some “Crazy, Wild” dreams and for some people it may seem “impulsive or naïve.” However, it’s a dream… it is your imagination; you have no restrictions and no limits. Dream big even if that meant thinking crazy, every big think start small and every great thing starts in a crazy way and you know maybe some of kid’s childish dreams and thoughts can be a cure for cancer or the next solution for global warming.

The world needs impulsive thoughts, childish ideas. John F. Kennedy once said “Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the futurewhy? Because kids don’t think of limits and hard things to achieve, kids just dream.

What is your dream? What are you trying to achieve? 

When you close your eyes and dream, then it is your world. Try to open your eyes and hold on to the same dreams… you can dream. It is your world.

Remember that YOU are the instrument of change, the mechanism that with all your capacity will see new things unfold as you put thought into action. Anything is possible.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt 

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